Welcome to Personal Pilates by Liz!


I am offering clients a small boutique in-home fitness studio with the unique

combination of taking affordable Small Group Reformer Classes with fellow students

of similar ability while feeling like they are having a personal training session.

I welcome physical abilities of all levels: Athlete, Fitness Enthusiast, Beginner,

Senior, Post Rehab, Post Surgery, Pre-Surgery and Injured. I have worked with

clients of all abilities and feel confident that I can teach you how Pilates will enhance

your life! Please call today for more information or to get started: 269-270-7120.


Personal Pilates by Liz has added Balanced Body Barre and Resist-a-Ball Classes to our workout menu.

 Balanced Body Barre Classes

are designed to be fun and free without causing stress and strain on the body. Balanced Body Movement Principals of core activation, proper alignment and balanced muscle development form the foundation of every class.The Barre workout is meant to be fun, inspiring, and to make participants feel sexy and strong!

Barre Class joins the schedule on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:30 and Sundays at 10:00.


Resist-a-Ball Classes

are designed to offer a strength workout to all the major muscle groups in the body. The Pilates Principles of Control, Centering, Precision and Balanced Muscle Development are the key focus as students learn to strengthen the whole body safely and effectively using free weights and bands.

Resist-a-Ball Class joins the schedule on Saturdays at 10:00.



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