~Personal Pilates by Liz~

Private Session and Class Rate Sheet

New Clients,

Personal Pilates by Liz is excited to announce the opening of the new Home Studio in Canton, Michigan!!!

Classes are now forming: Choose a Day and Time that best fits into your schedule, and we will create a class for you!

Pricing will be offered in an 8 Classes package @ $200.00. A predetermined regular set attendance date & time will be expected.   Maximum 4-5 students per 55 minute class.  Please call the studio 249-600-1200 for more information.

Reformer Privates or Reformer/Trapeze Table Privates are available by appointment for $65 per hour.


~Class Offerings~



Reformer/Trapeze Classes

Lengthen, tone, stretch and align imbalances throughout your entire body with a highly focused total-body workout with spring-loaded equipment. Pilates goes deep, using resistance to strengthen while it stretches. With a repertoire of over 500 challenging exercises, these machines mean business!


    Bodhi Suspension System Classes

The Bodhi stimulates the deep support systems in the body to create integrated, functional, fluid movement. Students will experience 4 independent points of suspension creating an environment where balance, strength and flexibility work together to create a more active, more alive exercise experience.  





Exo Chair Classes

The Chair is considered to be the most challenging piece of Pilates Equipment for building strength. The Exo Chair Workout takes it one step further with the option of a split pedal and elastic tubing to enhance the power, intensity, functionality, and balance of the workouts.







Cardio Interval Pilates Classes

Using a combination of the more challenging exercises from the Reformer & Jumpboard, Exo Chair and Bodhi Suspension System, this class stimulates the large muscle groups to work into the fat burning zone. This kick-butt class offers all the intensity of a high impact aerobic class without all the bone pounding or dancing.

Bring your water bottle to this one!






Balanced Body Barre Classes

Inspired by Ballet Barre work, this class is designed to get you in the “fat burning zone” and sculpt your body slim! Standing Pilates, Ballet Barre and low impact resistance moves sculpt and tone from head to toe. Stand taller with better posture and balance after every class.

Bring your water bottle to this one!






Melt Method Classes

Learn, practice and hone your Melt Method skills while alleviating stuck stress and chronic pain! This 50 minute class includes  Hand & Foot Treatments as well as Level I Melt Soft Roller work. See our Melt Method Page for more information. Please call the studio to reserve your place in class.

Bring your water bottle to this one.